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The History of Montrose and its Surrounding Parishes


The full extent of the parish of Ecclesjohn, or Egglisjohn, has never been determined. The parish was amalgamated with Dun in 1583. Earlier estate records for much of the area are lacking.

The name Egglis/Eccles - meaning church - undoubtedly refers to an early chapel site that is described as a place of pilgrimage, but was ruinous by the 16th century. The tenant for much of the medieval period was the Cathedral at Brechin. But by the first decade of the 15th century there were legal disputes as to the lordship of the estate, with the Erskines of Dun challenging what the church believed were their ancient rights. Ultimately a compromise was reached with Brechin accepting the overlordship of Dun in exchange for paying a token rent.

The name Ecclesjohn was retained until the 18th century when the main estate was renamed Langley Park. But two other estates, Tayock and Hedderwick to the east, have now largely disappeared. Tayock Mill still survives on the Tayock Burn to the east of the old house site. The walled garden at Hedderwick survives in part, but in 1984 the remaining walls of the ruined house were demolished and limited photographs now form the main record of what it looked like.

Other Parishes

Montrose - Dun - Maryton - Craig - Dunninald

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